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Yahoo! Inc.
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Long live the internets, and in the beginning it was just and (NYSE:AOL).  Yahoo! Inc. (NASDAQ:YHOO) is still alive and kicking at $15 a share and now its 15 years old.

Great video that includes pictures of what the website looked when it was first born.  For Yahoo's 15th birthday, Maggie Rodriguez spoke with Yahoo's Web Life editor Heather Cabot to see just how much the internet has changed our lives since it's birth. 

Since 1996 Yahoo! Inc. shares have increased 1,047% but its dropped 80% since the bust in late 1999. is now back trading under NYSE:AOL, its shares are trading at $24 and since its IPO the stock has bounced from $22 to $27.

Chart for Yahoo! Inc. (YHOO)

Splits:02-Sep-97 [3:2], 03-Aug-98 [2:1], 08-Feb-99 [2:1], 14-Feb-00 [2:1], 12-May-04 [2:1]


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