Exxon Bet Wrong on China? (NYSE:XOM)

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Exxon Mobil Corporation (NYSE:XOM) is the energy giant and they are a large supplier of liquefied natural gas.  They have been banking on China’s need for the liquified natural gas, although with new estimates out for a lower demand, Exxon may not be passing as much gas to China.

Big Oil Reports This Week: BP, Exxon Mobil, and ConocoPhillips

Oil- Black Gold

Three of the richest and infamous companies report earnings this coming week, get ready for BP Plc (NYSE:BP), Exxon Mobil (NYSE:XOM), and ConocoPhillips (NYSE:COP), and our bet is on Exxon to come out the leader.

Exxon Mobil Shares Regaining Strength

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Since we told our readers on June 8th Exxon Mobil is Not BP - Trade on Weakness, Exxon Mobil Corp. (NYSE:XOM) shares have moved up 6.4%.  Exxon's stock price was being punished for BP's (NYSE:BP) disaster, but traders have been taking note.

Exxon Mobil is Not BP - Trade on Weakness

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Thanks to BP (NYSE:BP) just about every oil/gasoline/offshore drilling company has been hit and the jewel of the bunch Exxon Mobil (NYSE:XOM) has watched its shares drop $9 or around 12% since the oil spill madness started.  Could this be a gift from Wall Street and should investors be eyeing XOM shares?

Exxon Mobil, the Dividend Stock (NYSE:XOM)

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In times of choppy markets, investors sometimes seek out a great dividend stock.  Look no further than Exxon Mobil Corporation (NYSE:XOM).

Gas and Oil Up, Go Long Valero, Exxon, and the DIG (VLO, XOM, DIG)

Oil Prices
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Go Gas and Oil! Summer driving season is upon us, time to go long the best in breed in the sector which includes Valero Energy Corporation (NYSE:VLO), Exxon Mobil Corporation (NYSE:XOM), and ProShares Ultra Oil & Gas (ETF) (NYSE:DIG).

Exxon Mobil is Currently a Growth Stock at Value Pricing

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Exxon Mobil Corporation (NYSE:XOM) is the biggest company in the major integrated oil and gas industry, and today we want to highlight why the stock should be a candidate for portfolios. 

High Yield Dividend Stocks: Exxon, New York Mortgage Trust to Vanguard Dividend Appreciation ETF (NYMT, XOM, VIG)


The Dow is down over 200 points today which is why we are on the search for high paying dividend stocks, a classic move like Exxon Mobil (NYSE:XOM) with a 2.58% yield all the way to New York Mortgage Trust, Inc. (NASDAQ:NYMT) at 15%.  Dividend paying stocks are key when trading in this volatile market, you can always play it safe with the Vanguard Dividend Appreciation ETF (NYSE:VIG).

Oil to $95 a Barrel Can Help Big Oil Stocks (NYSE:XOM),(NYSE:CVX),(NYSE:COP)

Oil Prices

With the current price around $75 per barrel, a jump to $95 per barrel could really boost the bottom line for the big oil stocks such as Exxon Mobil (NYSE:XOM), Chevron Corp. (NYSE:CVX), and ConocoPillips (NYSE:COP). 

Is Exxon Mobil the Greatest Company in History? (NYSE:XOM)

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Could it be possible that Exxon Mobil Corporation (NYSE:XOM) is the greatest company in the history of the world? 

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