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Carlos Irwin Estevez is Charlie Sheen (Jimmy Fallon Style)


Everyday there is something fun to watch or read on Charlie Sheen.  This time its Jimmy Fallon's fake commercial for a cologne called "Winning" (Video Included).

Charlie Sheen Soundboard and Peanuts Video


Charlie Sheen has gone on a rampage this week and he's said some pricless quotes on Good Morning America, Howard Stern, various radio shows, and Piers Morgan.  Get ready for his best clips and Peanuts / Charlie Brown video.

Brazil vs. North Korea: Nil to Nil at 45th Minute

Soccer (FIFA 2010 World Cup)

Unbelievable, the lowest seated team at the World Cup (North Korea) is playing stellar against the No. 1 seated Brazil, and Brazil is beginning to show frustration.

Brazil vs. North Korea: Watch or Read Live Coverage

Soccer (FIFA 2010 World Cup)

FIFA's No. 1-ranked team (Brazil) opens its World Cup campaign against the lowest FIFA-ranked team in South Africa, North Korea (105).  Watch the live coverage or if your web hosting won't allow you the Active X access you can follow along live at fifa.com

Al Gore Affair? Think Again (Pics Included)

Al and Tipper Gore are calling it quits after being married for over 40 years, and at first glance it appears there is no foul play.

2Pac, Iron Man and DJ AM


What do 2Pac, Ironman and DJ AM all have in common?  They all show up in "IRON MAN 2" the movie which hits theaters this coming weekend, opening Friday May 7th -- California love baby.

Betty White is Nervous, Tiger is Mastering, and MTV Fears Fighting for Jersey Cast


Betty White has a little confession to make -- the thought of hosting Saturday Night Live is making her nervous as hell!

Kim Kardashian Beats Her Maid, Moving Day at Sandra and Jesse's House, and Dr. Murray's Defense - Jackson Killed Himself


Kim Kardashian kicked butt in a lawsuit filed against her by a maid. 

Locklear on Forsythe, Erin Andrews Freak #2 and James/Bullock Moving?


Heather Locklear opened up to ET about the death of her "Dynasty" co-star John Forsythe. "John was a gentleman in every sense of the word.

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