Alleged that Toyota Withheld Crash Lawsuit Evidence (NYSE:TM)


In the wake of the troubles Toyota [Toyota Motor Corporation (ADR) (NYSE:TM)] has been experiencing, more bad news for the company.  It seems a House lawmaker is claiming that there are documents showing Toyota withheld evidence in crash lawsuits. 

Toyota: When will the Bleeding Stop for Shareholders (NYSE:TM)


Toyota Motor Corporation (ADR) (NYSE:TM) shareholders are down 15% in the last month and headlines like today's "Gov't: 34 deaths alleged in Toyotas since 2000" are only going to bring out the short sellers in spades.

The Dow Jones Below 10,000 - Citi and Toyota Fall (NYSE:C),(NYSE:TM)

Dow Jones at 10,000

The Dow Jones was at 10,300 on Wednesday and today going into the final hours of trading its now at 9,930.  Toyota Motor (NYSE:TM) rocked the world this week and since Jan 25th the stock has dropped 15.8%.  Citigroup (NYSE:C) the most active stock traded on the NYSE is close to falling back under $3 yet again.  Its been one hell of a week.

Toyota Motor: Puts Gone Wild (TM)


Toyota Motor's (NYSE:TM) next big worry?  Try short interest and increasing put positions, despite how consumers may be reacting to the company, there's the worry of what will Wall Street do?

Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood "Don't Drive" wait "Do Drive"

US Capital
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Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood balked his pitch on the Toyota (NYSE:TM) recall craze, he now says he misspoke when he had advised in congressional testimony that people stop driving recalled Toyota cars.

The Return of the American Car Company: Ford beats Toyota & Honda (F, HMC, TM)


Now that's a headline you don't always read and makes you do a double-take.  However Ford Motor's (NYSE:F) January U.S. sales beat both Toyota (NYSE:TM) and Honda Motor (NYSE:HMC) by a landslide, to the tune of up 24%.

NIKKEI 225 Starts Friday Down 2.47%

China Stocks Falling

Thursday the Dow Jones finished down 200 points, the trend is continuing this morning in Asia as the NIKKEI 225 fell 2.47%. The MSCI Asia Pacific Index is set for its biggest weekly decline in more than a month as a Bank of Japan survey showed companies planned to further cut investment, while U.S. economic data missed economist estimates.

Toyota to Increase Production so time to Buy?


Toyota Motor Corporation (NYSE:TM) is boosting its Japanese production by 30% in May in order to replenish inventories, does this sounds like a car company in trouble?  TM shares closed at $63 Friday with a 52-week range of $55 to $113.

Just How Bad is the Auto Dealer Environment?

Auto Industry

Folks keep asking me about US auto dealers and how much the market is shrinking. Some numbers..

GM's 77 yr. Lead Falls

General Motors (NYSE:GM)

Toyota Motor Corp.(NYSE:TM) ended General Motors Corp.’s (NYSE:GM) 77-year reign as the world’s largest automaker after avoiding the worst of the meltdown in global auto demand.

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