Toyota Profit Falls Almost 70%


Toyota Motor Company (NYSE:TM) reported a drop in net profits of almost 70% today.

Auto Makers Go Hat in Hand to Washington

Auto Industry

So, is it now payoff time from the Dems for the union support in the last election?

Wilbur Ross & Jack Welch

Wilbur Ross

Wilbur Ross and GE's (NYSE:GE) former CEO Jack Welch talk about the election, GM (NYSE:GM), Ford (NYSE:F) who should lead the Treasury and where we go from here

GM....Can They Do Anything Right?


So, not only can't they make cars people want to buy, they apparently have trouble loaning the money to those likely to pay it back.

Auto Sales at 25 Year Low

Auto Industry

This reads like a obituary page..

Wal-Mart Tops the Dow YTD

What a far only one Dow Component above water..

GMAC A Bank?


So, the company that gave 105% LTV for autos that depreciate, now wants to get into banking?

Chrysler Cutting Jobs, GM Needs Cash, Ford on Lifesupport

Just let them fail.  Giving GM (GM), Fords (F) or Chrysler loan to retool is a waste of tax payer money.

Inside Business: Outlook For U.S. Car Market (part 2)

Embedded Video: 

A New auto Dealer Model Underway

Auto Industry

We are underway in a vicious shakeout. Who survives, will be far stronger in the end.

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