Here It Is: The Auto Bailout Bill

Auto Industry

Here is the version of the bill sent to the White House, the Democrats are proposing a $15 Billion Auto Bailout Plan.

Kelly Blue book Auto Resale Winners

Auto Industry

Who's model has the best resale value?

What's coming this Week

Investing Ideas (2)

The Big 3 meet again on Tuesday and some economic activity is reported, lets not forget about Cyber Monday.

Ford shares up 25% on Black Friday


Take it for what its worth, Ford (NYSE:F) shares are up 25% today approaching $2.75 a share on bailout hopes.

Buying a Car? Some Advice

Auto Industry

Here are some tips if you are looking at buying a car

In-Depth Look: Saving The Big Three

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Toyota Cut US Production


We ought to expect Honda (NYSE:HMC) to follow Toyota's (NYSE:TM) lead soon.

Fedelstien: "Let Them Go Bankrupt"

GM tombstone

I agree

GMAC's great CD rates, but are they safe?


General Motors is worried GMAC mortgage unit may not survive, so if GMAC LLC (NYSE:GJM) , GM's financial arm can't make it, why would you risk buying a CD there, even if it is FDIC insured?

GM's Big Bet Gone Bad

GM tombstone

A look back at a 2005 blog post by GM (NYSE:GM) Vice Chair Bob Lutz show the company was betting the house, and rollled craps

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