GM shares hit $1.52 Same Price in 1934

General Motors (NYSE:GM)

Horrible, General Motors (NYSE:GM) shares hit a low of $1.52 in early afternoon trading, before rebounding somewhat to close down 23 cents, or 11.5%, at $1.77. The low matched a record set on July 26, 1934.

Just How Bad is the Auto Dealer Environment?

Auto Industry

Folks keep asking me about US auto dealers and how much the market is shrinking. Some numbers..

Caterpillar To Lay Off Thousands


Caterpillar (NYSE:CAT) is following GM (NYSE:GM) and other in the layoff race

GM's 77 yr. Lead Falls

General Motors (NYSE:GM)

Toyota Motor Corp.(NYSE:TM) ended General Motors Corp.’s (NYSE:GM) 77-year reign as the world’s largest automaker after avoiding the worst of the meltdown in global auto demand.

Can GM Capitalize on Obama-Mania?

Barack Obama

If everything Obama uses turns to gold, can GM (NYSE:GM) sell more Cadillacs now that Obama travels in one?

GM: "Viability Not Certain"

General Motors (NYSE:GM)

Well, that was good use of $18 billion wasn't it?

AutoNation Cuts New Car Orders 60%


Bad news for the auto makers

In 2008 the Dow Jones Industrial Average lost 34%

Bear Market

This past year was a horrible year for 401(k)'s, IRA's, and personal portfolios.  The Dow Jones lost 34% in 2008 and since hitting 14,000 in Oct. 2007 the Dow has lost 37%, closing out the year at 8,776.

Auto Industry in 2009

Auto Industry

Gloom, doom or boom?

GM Brings Back 0% Financing thanks to GMAC Bailout

General Motors (NYSE:GM)

Thinking about buying a new car?  General Motors Corp. (NYSE:GM) said today it will offer Zero Percent (0%) financing on some models in a bid to jump-start sales.

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