Congress Close to Wasting More Money

Auto Industry

The auto bailout deal is close to going to a vote

AutoZone Beats...

Auto Zone

If you can't buy them you got to fix them

Ace Greenberg on The Challenges Facing Charity

Ace Greenberg

Mr. Greenberg started at Bear Sterns (NTSE:BCS) in 1949 and left 50 years later. Here he talks about charity, JP Morgan (NYSE:JPM), Ford (NYSE:F), GM (NYSE:GM) and the TARP

Here It Is: The Auto Bailout Bill

Auto Industry

Here is the version of the bill sent to the White House, the Democrats are proposing a $15 Billion Auto Bailout Plan.

Ford and the Penny Stock Swings


Ford Motor (NYSE:F) shares are at the mercy of day traders, the 20% upswing today with shares at $3.24 all based on news and high volume is just a sign of the times.

Kelly Blue book Auto Resale Winners

Auto Industry

Who's model has the best resale value?

Canadian Ford Dealer Offers Shares As "Incentive"


Is he telling customers shares are worthless should Ford (NYSE:F) go under?

Ford's Alan Mulally Rallies the Market


Now there's a headline you don't read everyday, and today, Ford Motor (NYSE:F) CEO Alan Mulally is helping the DOW gain back some big losses from yesterday.

What's coming this Week

Investing Ideas (2)

The Big 3 meet again on Tuesday and some economic activity is reported, lets not forget about Cyber Monday.

Ford shares up 25% on Black Friday


Take it for what its worth, Ford (NYSE:F) shares are up 25% today approaching $2.75 a share on bailout hopes.

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