AutoNation's Strong Quarter


If there was any doubt AutoNation (NYSE:AN) is pulling away from the pack as the premier auto dealer last week, this quarter, in this environment ought to put any doubt to rest. These results surpassed even my most optimistic scenarios.

The Reverse Industrial Revolution

Great article by Todd Harrison, bottom line, we'll get through this mess and Companies must reinvent themselves if they hope to see better days.

Just How Bad is the Auto Dealer Environment?

Auto Industry

Folks keep asking me about US auto dealers and how much the market is shrinking. Some numbers..

AutoNation Cuts New Car Orders 60%


Bad news for the auto makers

Ford Car Parks Itself


Now if Ford (NYSE:F) could just build one that went over 100k miles before it fell apart...

Auto Industry in 2009

Auto Industry

Gloom, doom or boom?

Harley Davidson's Ziemer to Retire: "Car Czar"?

Harley Davidson

Why not?

UAW Contract

A picture is indeed worth a thousand words...Here is the UAW contract with Ford (NYSE:F) and GM (NYSE:GM).

Does the Auto industry deserve a Bailout? and their take on the Auto Bailout and asks the queston, Does the auto industry deserve a bailout?

Ford shares tread water as Auto Bailout Falls Apart


The $14 Billion bailout deal to aid the struggling Big Three U.S. automakers collapsed Thursday night in the Senate, now what? For the moment Ford (NYSE:F) shares are up 1%.

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