Peak Oil? Mexican Oil Production Plummets

Oil- Black Gold

What does it all mean? Simple, Mexican production peaked in 2004.

More Oil Production Cuts

Oil- Black Gold

When demand resumes, prices will spike..

Peak Oil December 2008 Update

Oil Prices

Those who think it is not happening are in denial...

60 Minutes Oil Story Misses Mark

Oil- Black Gold

So, 60 Minutes did a piece on Oil Sunday night and, well, oops..

Gazprom Causes Oil Selling

Oil Prices

Do not be fooled, this is not a trend...

Oil Trader Eric Bolling: "Oil Should be $75 to $80"

Oil Prices

More evidence of a price increase in the future

What Will Oil Do In 2009

Oil- Black Gold

Is oil an investment for 2009?

Mexican Oil Production's Stunning Drop

Oil- Black Gold

This caught people by surpirse

EIA Crude Statistics Show Production Decline

Oil- Black Gold

We expect foriegn production to fall as OPEC has announced deep cuts, but non-OPEC production is falling also...bad news..

Bill Fleckenstien on the Fed Rate Cut

U.S. Quarter - 25 Cents USD

He called the housing crisis, one ought to listen

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