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Clearwire Corp.: Buy, Sell or Run?

Clearwire Corp. (NASDAQ:CLWR) was supposed to be the future of everything 'wireless internet' and was going to take in millions in revenue.  Enter Reality.  Since the much hyped IPO back in 2006 Clearwire shares are down 78%, hitting the $2 level back in March and now trading in the high $4 range.  The question now remains, is this stock worth getting into or do you leave it alone?

S&P Watch: Could the Bottom Drop Out?

Last week, in S&P Watch: Is 900 the Door, or the Floor?, I discussed how the 900 level in the S&P 500 might serve as a line in the sand. But June options showed a sufficient number of put options in place to act as a safety net.

Gold Vending Machines? Go Germany and Europe


Forget buying Coke (NYSE:KO) or Pepsi (NYSE:PEP) from vending machines, now there's something better, how about Gold!  That's right, the 1st prototype gold-dispenser has been installed in Frankfurt airport and today.

NASDAQ Volume is surging relative to NYSE Volume

NYSE Floor - Traders

A very old indicator that measures the magnitude of speculation on Wall St. is the volume ratio between the NYSE and the OTC market. This ratio hearkens from the early days when Nasdaq was the over the counter market where smaller and riskier securities traded.

Are Oil ETFs Showing Us the Future of Natural Gas ETFs

Oil- Black Gold

There are striking similarities between the stock charts of the US ETF for natural gas (NYSE:UNG) now and where the stock chart for the US ETF for oil (NYSE:USO) was in December-February. 

China ETFs: 10 You Should Know

China Stocks (Bullish)

We know you just want the tickers, so here they are: CYB  DBB  ECH  EWA  EWH  EWT  HAO  PGJ   TAO   USL. It might seem inevitable that a nation with 20% of the world's population would be an economic powerhouse. Yet for several centuries now China has been both the world's most populous nation and one of its poorest.

Credit Card Delinquencies Rise 11 Percent

Credit Cards

Delinquencies on Credit Cards backed by Banks jumped in the first quarter from a year ago as strapped borrowers used their tax refunds to meet daily expenses instead of paying down their credit card balances.

Housing: Time to Short?

Housing and Money (2)

Short term, traders are beginning to get weary of waiting for a rebound and short interest in many homebuilders is increasing driven this week by the sharp rise in mortgage rates. So, pick a publicly held homebuilder and take a look at the chart.

Is Your House a Good Investment?

Housing and Money

There's the usual talk about what the latest Case-Shiller house price data mean for the next short term move in the real estate market. Has housing bottomed? If not, has the rate of decline slowed? And when will we see an upturn? Human nature likes the short term. Which is why so little attention is paid to something that is probably more important, if less urgent: What the latest data show about the long-term of the real estate market..and it's startling.

Activision: Potential for Explosive Returns

Video Games

Activision (NASDAQ:ATVI) is trading at fair value at current prices. It has the potential to hit at least “one home run” title. This has not been adequately priced in its stock price, and the stock represents a buying opportunity.

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