GE: No More Guidance


Re-affirmed dividend

Consumer Rolling Over, Credit Card Defaults Soar

Credit Cards

First mortgages, now credit cards..

Obama's MOAB

Barack Obama

Here comes the "Mother of All Bailouts"

Volatility To Reign.... Pick Buying Spots Carefully

Stocks Fall - Bear Market

Do not expect a "V" bottom this time. Do expect the volatility to continue.

SmartMoney's 3 Stock Picks Today (11/20)

Yet another horrible day for those of us owning U.S. securities, however has three stock picks that are credible if you can get yourself to Buy into this current state of madness.

GE: We Are NOT Seeking SWF money


From the official GE (NYSE:GE) website

General Electric brings back 1996 Stock Prices

President Bill Clinton

When was the last time General Electric Company (NYSE:GE) shares traded at $14?  Take a trip back to 1996, the last time a Democrat was elected as the U.S. President and Tom Cruise was still considered cool.

GE's Dividend; GE Says Dividend Is Safe

Embedded Video: 

GE Affirms Dividend: Immelt Silent

Jeff Immelt

GE (NYSE:GE) affirmed it dividend today but unlike Dow Chemical (NYSE:DOW) Andrew Liveris who said "This CEO will never cut the dividend", GE's Jeff Immelt was eerily silent.

Mario Gabelli Buying for Dividends

Cash is King

Interview with GAMCO Investors CEO Mario Gabelli talks about what stocks he likes and buying for dividends.

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