Nucor Shares are Recovering

Nucor Corp. (NYSE:NUE)

Nucor Corp. (NYSE:NUE) shares have managed to increase 15% since the start of December and its gone unnoticed by the majority of Wall Street, with this type of move expect more analysts to jump on board.

Steel Stocks Still Trading Cheap (NUE, X, AKS)


Big steel has been overlooked lately and the best of the bunch are hanging out near 12 month lows, such as Nucor Corp. (NYSE:NUE) now just 9% away from its 52-week low.  Steel won't trade this low forever and that goes for U.S. Steel Corp. (NYSE:X) and AK Steel Holding (NYSE:AKS) as well.

AK Steel Shares Climb 30% in 30 Days

AK Steel Holding Corp. (NYSE:AKS)

AK Steel Holding Corp. (NYSE:AKS) shares have been on a tear since November, in the last 30 days AKS has jumped from $15 to today's price of $20.90.  Thanks to Goldman's hat tip on American Steel stocks yesterday AK Steel is enjoying a healthy 4.5% jump today.

Steel is Strong (NYSE: X), (NYSE: AKS), (NYSE: NUE)


Not only did United States Steel Corporation (NYSE:X) benefit from the upgrade issued by Goldman Sachs, but it appears that AK Steel Holding Corporation (NYSE:AKS) and Nucor Corporation (NYSE:NUE) also received a little bump too. 

Steel is Back on Cyber Monday (AKS, X, NUE)


The best of the steel companies are enjoying this Cyber Monday and watching their shares rise, those companies include United States Steel (NYSE:X), Nucor (NYSE:NUE), and AK Steel Holding  (NYSE:AKS).

Nucor shares fall 13% after Q1 Guidance

Nucor Corp. (NYSE:NUE)

Nucor Corp. (NYSE:NUE) the All American Steel company that prides itself with a no-layoff policy is hurting today, shares falling 13% after a disappointing Q1 Guidance.

Nucor CEO Interview with Bloomberg

Nucor Corp. (NYSE:NUE)

Nucor (NYSE:NUE) CEO Daniel DiMicco talks with Bloomberg, and DiMicco wants Congress to approve a stimulus ASAP.

Jim Grant: What Ben Graham Would Buy

Ben Graham

Grant's brilliant...

Short Seller James Montier is now Bullish, go SPY

Bullish (Bull Market)

Well-regarded short-seller James Montier has "Never Been More Bullish" according to Bloomberg.  So what is he buying? Let's review his shopping list.

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