TARP Recipients to Date


Here is the list to date of those firms that have taken money from the Treasury under the TARP Plan.

JP Morgan's Dimon: 2009 "Tough"

JP Morgan

JP Morgan's (NYSE:JPM) chief says 2010 may see a "strong recovery".

Sears Card Holders Get To Check FICO Scores Free

Sears Holdings

This will draw people to Sears..

JP Morgan Saves Mortgages

JP Morgan

JP Morgan (JPM) proves self interest in the market is ultimately more efficient than anything government will do.

Wal-Mart Upped to Buy

Wal-Mart Inc.

I think this one is a bit beind the curve..

Best weekly rally in 34 years

Embedded Video: 

Fed Meets Today on Interest Rates

What will Bernanke & Co. do?

Banks to Get Gov't Cash This Week

The Treasury confirmed this morning that they will begin to disperse billion to US banks this week. Big banks like Citi (C), JP Morgan (JPM), Well Fargo (WFC), and Bank of America (BAC), former brokers like Morgan Stanley (MS) and reional baks like PNC (PNC) financial are all lined up to recieve their allowance.

Wells Fargo Forced Into TARP plan

I can't get behind a plan that forced private companies to make the gov't a partner when they actually do not need it....Remember, this is just weeks after had said that injecting capital directly into banks would appear to be a sign of "failure."

How Tight is Home Lending Getting?

Check this out from the JP Morgan (JPM) earnings call

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