Just another Triple Digit Swing in the Dow Jones

Dow Jones Triple Digit Swings

Its becoming far too normal and suddenly, a typical trading day watches the Dow Jones swing 100+ points in either direction on a moments notice. Trading in 2009 is nothing more than volatile gambling where the NYSE and NASDAQ have been replaced by roulette and craps tables.

August Home Sales Numbers Bring Down the Dow

Housing and Money (2)

Existing-home sales posted an unexpected 2.7% decline in August, to a 5.1 million-unit annual rate, the first reversal after four months of gains.  The Dow Jones is now down 40 points on the news and the S&P 500 is down 8 points.

Analysts Believe the Rally Will Continue

Bullish (Bull Market)

Place your bets investors, the talking heads along with the media are saying stocks can go higher, just take this article from Reuters on a 'mood shift post Lehman Brothers' as fuel to the fire.

Bulls Run for 5 Days then Rest

Bullish (Bull Market Blue Pic)

Friday the equity markets cooled their jets after the Dow, S&P and Nasdaq hit 2009 highs. Falling oil prices dragged on the influential commodities sector and investors took a step back after pushing the major indexes to 11-month highs in the previous session.

Majority of Stocks Trading Above 200-Day Moving Average

NYSE Floor - Traders

Some extreme readings are appearing in a few Worden Bros. indicators that look at stocks relative to their 200 day moving averages. One is T2107, which simply looks at the percentage of stocks trading above their 200-Day moving averages. The other is T2109, which looks at the percentage of stocks trading at least 1 standard deviation above their 200-Day moving averages. Both indicators are near all time highs (dating back to 1986).

S&P Watch: Could the Bottom Drop Out?


Last week, in S&P Watch: Is 900 the Door, or the Floor?, I discussed how the 900 level in the S&P 500 might serve as a line in the sand. But June options showed a sufficient number of put options in place to act as a safety net.

Homeowners Effectively Broke

Housing and Money

Thinking the Dow (INDEX: .DJI) or S&P (INDEX: .INX) willcontinue to rise?  Take a look..

Robert Rodriguez Vents

U.S. Economy

This is a long read but a must read none-the-less.

S&P 500 Keeps the Rally Going

Embedded Video: 

Rearview Mirror Watching Leads to Bottom Blindness

Investing Ideas (Gekko Style)

An article on Seeking Alpha the other day caught my eye – entitled “10 Reasons Why We Still Haven’t Hit Bottom,” it oversimplified a number of points and unnecessarily dramatized others. Comments on the points, which I’ll number to match the author’s system.

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