Realistic Recession Fears yet a Friday Rally?

Great Depression

The major indexes all finished up big today yet analysts say that we could be facing the longest recession since the Great Depression, perhaps outlasting the 16-month recessions of the mid-1970s and early 1980s.

Taleb: "Roubini Is An Optimist".....We Are All Doomed

Nassim Taleb

Just in case you weren't think about building that bunker in the basement this weekend

Book Review: "The End of Prosperity"

end of prosperity

Steve Moore and Arthur Laffer take the reader on an easy to follow explanation of supply side economics and its results. Readers get a modern day history of taxes and their effect on the economy. What this is not is an politically biased book.

ADP Report Gloomy..

U.S. Economy

How do you spell dismal? JOBS

4 Signs of a Market Bottom

U.S. Quarter - 25 Cents USD

Could we be there?

Ford's Alan Mulally Rallies the Market


Now there's a headline you don't read everyday, and today, Ford Motor (NYSE:F) CEO Alan Mulally is helping the DOW gain back some big losses from yesterday.

PPI Falls

Cash is King

This is like a tax cut for producers

Iraq Economy Prospering

Guess who's exchange is uo 20% this year? Dow the Dow Jones (.DJI) or S&P 500 (.INX). Iraq'a is...

Intel Stuns Wall St. Nation


Intel (NASDAQ:INTC) on Wednesday shocked Wall Street with a revenue and margins warning that indicated a rapid decline in the business of the world’s largest chipmaker over the past month.

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