Majority of Stocks Trading Above 200-Day Moving Average

NYSE Floor - Traders

Some extreme readings are appearing in a few Worden Bros. indicators that look at stocks relative to their 200 day moving averages. One is T2107, which simply looks at the percentage of stocks trading above their 200-Day moving averages. The other is T2109, which looks at the percentage of stocks trading at least 1 standard deviation above their 200-Day moving averages. Both indicators are near all time highs (dating back to 1986).

Will "The Dow" Get a New Name?


The juggernaut of the American Financial Markets, symbolizing the biggest companies in the nation, may get a new name after its 113-year existence.

There is news on the Street that Dow Jones & Co.

Homeowners Effectively Broke

Housing and Money

Thinking the Dow (INDEX: .DJI) or S&P (INDEX: .INX) willcontinue to rise?  Take a look..

Case-Shiller Flawed Analysis?

Housing and Money

Robert Shiller has made quite an impact with his various appearances in the media and his active financial consulting business heavily promoting his negative market views. I downloaded his spreadsheets with the goal of understanding his views better, but was surprised to discover serious errors in his approach. I start with his analysis of the housing data and then follow with his view of the SP500.

Fear Today and in The Depression

Bullish (Bull Market)

An interesting point on how investor sentiment has always overshot to the downside. With both the Dow Jones Industrials (INDEX:.DJI) and S&P (INDEX:.INX) rallying, some historical perspective is in order.

Thinking About Buying That House?

Housing and Money

If history is a guide....there are better prices still coming down the road. Those thinking about getting into market might want to read this.

The Market is Re-Testing the November Lows

Stocks Fall - Bear Market

At 12:40 p.m. ET, the Dow Jones Industrial Average had plummeted 262 points to 7,588, falling precariously close to the November 2008 closing low of 7,552, which has held as a support level for the markets.

The Bears welcome President Obama

Bear Market

Despite the celebration in Washington D.C. there is no party on Wall Street, once again the Dow Jones is down 164 points or 2% on more U.S. Bank stocks fears.

U.S. Retail sales down 2.7% in December

Shoppers Consumers

More bad news as the Dow falls 250 points, U.S. retail sales plunged a seasonally adjusted 2.7% in December from November, that marks the 1st Annual Drop in Retail Sales since 1992.

Big Gains for 1st Trading Day of the Year

Investing Ideas (Gekko Style)

Let's all hope the trend continues but most of us are a bit gunshy to jump on the Bullish Train, the Dow Gained 2.85%, the S&P Gained 3% and the Nasdaq Gained 3.3%.

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