Ackman goes All in on General Growth Properties


In most bankruptcies, stockholders wait for scraps while creditors chew over a distressed company's fate. Not so for Bill Ackman, who as a shareholder in General Growth Properties (NYSE:GGP) has plumped out for a prime seat at the negotiating table.

Wall St. Media feat. Todd Sullivan

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Wilbur Ross Talks Bankruptcy

Wilbur Ross

Wilbur Ross talks about GM (NYSE:GM) and Chrysler with AutoNation's (NYSE:AN) Mike Jackson on CNBC.

Todd Sullivan talks about General Growth Properties and More

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Todd Sullivan on Wall St. Media Talking About General Growth Properties

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General Growth Debtholders Try To Stave Off Chapter 11

Mall of america

This is the most backwards thing you'll ever see. It also gives more confidence of the equity surviving even should they be forced to file.

The Coming Commercial Real Estate Meltdown?

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Tick, tock goes the clock...

Amerco: The General Growth Properties Blueprint for Reorganization


The similarities are striking...Bill Ackman talks about it in the video at the end.

Why did Amerco file for bankruptcy?

Invest in General Growth Properties?

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Took the evening to digest the General Growth Properties (GGP) news. Here is what I came up with for to affirm the investing thesis of the equity (stock).

Bid for General Growth's Assets Sheds More Light on Valuation

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This situation is getting really fun to watch...It also gives us more clarity into the value of General Growth Properties' (GGP) assets. This is risky that bet that if it pays off, will do so spectacularly.

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