- Is Gold a Buy (GLD)?


If you still believe in longer-term investing, SPDR Gold Trust (ETF) (NYSE:GLD) is your weapon of choice.

Robert Rodriguez Vents

U.S. Economy

This is a long read but a must read none-the-less.

Gold, Copper Could Rally "Massively' - Nassim Taleb

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Gold and Silver Under Pressure

Silver (Investing in Silver)

Gold and Silver prices have been falling, we turn to Zignals Blog for some insight in the trends and how to play it.

Investing Idea: Reasons to Buy Gold and Not To

Investing Ideas has three reasons to buy gold at current prices and four reasons not to, you make the call. 

Gold to $3,500? Come on, but ask Chris Wood


Anything it takes to get on TV these days and more attention.  CLSA's Chris Wood is now saying Gold could go to $3,500, however Wood is a bright strategist who in 2003 predicted the U.S. housing crisis. 

Could It Get Worse????? Yes...

Bankrupt (Going Out of Business Sign)

Yesterday Dow Chemical (NYSE:DOW) reported and there were two numbersrelated that have thus far, been ignored as to their greater effect aside from Dow. Some more thoughts on the economy and where we may be headed.

Wachovia on Gold and Housing


More evidenxce in support of Gold SPDR Gold Trust (ETF) (Public, NYSE:GLD)

Gold Is The New Currency for Hedge funds


What are the plays for gold? SPDR Gold Trust (ETF) (Public, NYSE:GLD), and for those not faint of heart, ProShares Ultra Gold (ETF) (Public, NYSE:UGL)

Marc Faber on Recent Governments Bailout's

Marc Faber

According to Faber they are porlonmgoing the recession both in the US and abroad.

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