Goldman Sachs Made BILLIONS Shorting AIG

Cash is King

Goldman Sachs (NYSE:GS) reiterated its claim this morning that it wouldn't have lost anything had AIG (NYSE:AIG) been allowed to fail. Indeed, the bank says, it was fully hedged.

Bill to Tax TARP Bonuses at 90%

U.S. Economy - American Economy

House lawmakers are scheduled to vote today on a Bill that would tax bonuses to highly paid individuals at companies receiving TARP funds.

AIG gave 73 Employees $1 Million+ Each

U.S. Economy - American Economy

Unbelievable, AIG (NYSE:AIG) handed out 73 employees more than $1 million each for their bonuses, and one former employee walked away with $4.6 million.

Interviews on the Street about AIG Bonuses

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AIG Responds to Geithner


AIG (NYSE:AIG) responds to criticism regarding its compensation

Ben Bernanke on A.I.G.

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AIG Under The Microscope

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Bank of America at $3 a Share, where's the Bottom?

Bank of America (NYSE:BAC)

Bank of America (NYSE:BAC) hit $3.27 and has since recovered to around $3.40, only down 14% today.  Super, so what does that mean?

AIG's Record Loss, Largest in U.S. Corporate History

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Penny Stocks to Trade on the NYSE?

U.S. Dollar - Weak Dollar

Amazing but the New York Stock Exchange announced that due to major company stocks trading at penny prices, it is considering temporarily relaxing its $1 share price rule.  Go Penny Stocks!

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