Boeing Shares: The Diamond in the Rough

Boeing Company

Boeing Co. (BA) is doing all it can to keep U.S. equities from falling into the red on the usual European madness. 

Demand Media Gets Lifted by Goldman

Demand Media Inc (NYSE:DMD)

Demand Media (NYSE:DMD) shares rocketed 12.8% today after Goldman Sachs (NYSE:GS) threw the company an Upgrade.

Goldman Says Treasurys Run Over

Goldman Sachs (NYSE:GS)

Goldman Sachs (NYSE:GS) says in a note today that 10-year Treasury yields, trading recently at 3.022%, have stabilized around 3% on both sides of the Atlantic and below the bank’s measures of “fair value”.

Stocks that Could Bounce (HPQ, CSCO, NTRI, GS, MGM)

Investing Ideas has picked out some of the same stocks the Masters have been touting over the past week. Of the Oversold: 10 'Coiled Spring' Stocks he includes Hewlett-Packard Company (NYSE:HPQ), Cisco Systems (NASDAQ:CSCO), NutriSystem (NASDAQ:NTRI), Goldman Sachs (NYSE:GS) and MGM Resorts International (NYSE:MGM).

Stocks to Buy on the Dip thanks to Goldman (GS, FSLR, CCL)

Bullish (Bull Market)

The huge decline in equities is providing some buying opportunities, but which stocks to buy?  Goldman Sachs (NYSE:GS) has added eight new companies to its 'Conviction Buy List' including First Solar (NASDAQ:FSLR) and Carnival Corporation (Public, NYSE:CCL).

Boeing Firing on all Cylinders

Boeing Company

The Boeing Company (NYSE:BA) shares are just 5.8% away from its 52-week high, now trading comfortably above $70 per share.  Thanks to a flood of good news, the big story being that Boeing just landed a $35 billion contract for a new-generation aerial refueling tanker.

Goldman Sachs Doesn't Lose Much

Goldman Sachs Evil (NYSE:GS)

Rule of thumb, never bet against Goldman Sachs (NYSE:GS).  The fact that the Wall Street Financial King only had 25 negative trading days in 2010 should be convincing enough.  Goldman always wins.

The Analysts still like Visa

Visa & Mastercard

Visa Inc. (NYSE:V) just posted Q1 net income of $884 million, that's a 16% in profit, yet its stock price continues to fall due to fee uncertainty. However this hasn't stopped Goldman Sachs (GS) from raising its price target, and Deutsche Bank also is holding steady on their pt.

Finding value in Verizon (VZ)


Verizon Communications Inc. (NYSE:VZ) shares have more going for them besides the upcoming Verizon iPhone match with Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL).  After digging into the technicals that make up Verizon's valuation, we believe there is value and the analysts are getting on board.

Bank of America a 'Buy'?

Bank of America Bullish Case (NYSE:BAC)

Bank of America Corp. (NYSE:BAC) shares are trading down 1.5% on weak Q4 results, but could the glass be more half-full than empty for would-be investors?  Both Citigroup (NYSE:C) and Goldman Sachs (NYSE:GS) didn't impress the Street this week, but BofA is a different consumer lender animal.

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