Cramer's Stock Recommendations for 2011 (BAC, LOW, AA)

Jim Cramer

Jim Cramer cranked out a piece for AOL's DailyFinance today on where to put your money now.  Making the cut included such stock recommendations as Bank of America (NYSE:BAC), Alcoa Inc. (NYSE:AA), and Lowe's Companies (NYSE:LOW).

(Jim Cramer | DailyFinance) When we zoomed into the first quarter, we had a multi-cylinder market. Sponsors - Become one Today

Smart devices were powering a tech boom. Big exporters were taking advantage of robust economies in East Asia and a renewed Europe that seemed to put its troubled finances behind it. Banks, having paid back TARP, were ready to return capital. Health care, freed from the cloud of regulation, seemed ready to take off.

What a difference three months make. European debt concerns resurfaced and interest rates have climbed ever higher in Portugal, Greece and Spain. North Africa and the Middle East played dominoes, started by political uprisings in Tunisia that dropped into Egypt and then headed for Bahrain and Saudi Arabia before landing in Libya, driving oil up to $100 a barrel in their wake.

An earthquake and tsunami slammed into Japan, causing tragedy and fear in the markets, courtesy of runaway nukes, that was unprecedented. Besides the incredibly sad loss of life, the ensuing destruction seems incalculable given the inability to reach some areas or the isolation of regions affected by radiation fallout.

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