New Tron Legacy Video Game "Tron: Evolution" arrives November 2010

New Tron Video Game (Tron: Evolution)

The internet is on fire about the new move trailer for Disney's (NYSE:DIS) "Tron: Legacy" due out in December, but there's also the killer PS3 / XBOX360 title "Tron: Evolution" that fans can get their hands on come November.

The video game should come around one month before the movie, and from the trailer it appears that the game serves are the perfect prequel for the movie.  Featuring a yellow caped Tron-like hero, get ready to race light cycles, throw discs and do whatever comes next in the world of Tron 2010.

tron evolution video game nov 2010Let's hope that this 'movie/video game' holds up well and isn't just another rush job (think the recent 'Iron Man' or worse yet 'Jaws Unleashed') for the mothership of Disney (DIS) to cash in on 30 year-old's who can't wait another month to see the movie.  Fans of Tron’s expanded mythology will notice that the game trailer focuses on a character with a distinctive yellow hue, which suggests that the game (and perhaps the movie it is attached to) will feature the theme of corruption introduced in Tron 2.0, an under-rated shooter developed by Monolith in 2003.

According to Wikipedia Tron: Evolution is an upcoming action-adventure video game currently in development by Propaganda Games, to be published by Disney Interactive. It was officially announced at the Spike Video Game Awards and will be released for the Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 platforms.

Here is the trailer for the video game "Tron: Evolution"

Also, here is the Tron Legacy movie trailer:

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